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Terms & Conditions

04/04/2022 by TKOAdmin

Use of Holiday Rentals Direct is subject to the following terms and restrictions.

1. Individual use
Holiday Rentals Direct can only be used to view, read, search, book, and enquire about holiday rental houses featured on Holiday Rentals Direct or to explore articles and material available on Holiday Rentals Direct

It is completely prohibited to use Holiday Rentals Direct for any purpose other than reserving a holiday rental house or exploring Holiday Rentals Direct. Articles, films, photographs, descriptions, owner information, and software and design on Holiday Rentals Direct are all protected by copyright. Content may not be used or duplicated in any way other than for personal use without Holiday Rentals-prior Directs written permission. 


2. Using Holiday Rentals Direct to book a vacation rental
The Guest has two options for booking a vacation rental on Holiday Rentals Direct: bank transfer or credit card (Visa or Mastercard):

The Guest contacts the Owner directly and makes a reservation without the involvement of Holiday Rentals Direct The Guest pays the Owner directly and agrees to the terms of the rental agreement with the Owner.

The Guest makes a reservation through Holiday Rentals Direct, which acts as a middleman between the Guest and the Owner. Guest agrees to the Owner’s rental agreement, which is offered to the Guest when a booking is made, and pays the full rental cost through Holiday Rentals Direct.

3. Information accuracy
The owners provides the most up-to-date and accurate description of the vacation property, as well as prices, bookings, and photos. is continuously working to ensure that the information provided by the homeowner is correct, up to date, and totally accurate.


Holiday Rentals Direct is an internet marketplace that does not physically check the holiday homes or meet with the owners.

4. Accountability
By using Holiday Rentals Direct, the Guest agrees to hold Spain-Holiday harmless from any direct or indirect loss or damage resulting from fraud, phishing, any breach of terms and conditions, accidents, strikes, lock-outs, or problems with the Owner, among other things. Spain-Vacation is not liable for any losses or damages incurred by guests while using Holiday Rentals Direct or while staying in any of the holiday homes located or booked via Holiday Rentals Direct.

Holiday Rentals Direct is not obligated to provide a refund or compensation for any direct or indirect losses that the Guest or the Owner may have incurred as a result of renting a holiday home on Spain-Holiday or from renting out a holiday home on Holiday Rentals Direct.

Vacation Rentals Direct is not obligated to provide any refunds or compensation for direct or indirect damages incurred by either the Guest or the Owner as a result of renting a holiday home on Spain-Holiday. Holiday Rentals Direct can only operate as an intermediary, so no rental contract or agreement may be signed with Spain-Holiday.


Links to third-party websites or resources may be found on Holiday Rentals Direct. By using Holiday Rentals Direct, the Guest and the Owner recognize and accept that Holiday Rentals Direct is not responsible or liable for the content, products, or services on or available from such websites or resources, nor for the availability or accuracy of such websites or resources. 

5. Privacy and protection of personal data
When you use Holiday Rentals Direct, we will save some of your personal information in our database. Our Privacy Policy explains how we secure your personal data and how we use cookies in great detail.

Terms and conditions for Owners on Holiday Rentals Direct

6. Copyright The Owner certifies that he owns or is authorized by the owner of the copyright in the photographic and textual material supplied to Holiday Rentals Direct (hereinafter referred to as “the material”), or that the owner of the copyright has granted Holiday Rentals Direct permission to use the material. The Owner acknowledges that no photographic or textual material from Holiday Rentals Direct may be duplicated without written permission from the copyright owner.

Holiday Rentals Direct is granted a perpetual, royalty-free license to use the material for promotional purposes by the Owner. The Owner absolutely indemnifies Holiday Rentals Direct against any expense, loss, or liability (including legal representation costs) incurred by Holiday Rentals Direct as a result of any copyright infringement resulting from the use of the material.

7. Spain-based design and layout Holiday is not liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of the Owner’s creation of layouts or modifications to the images and content submitted. Vacation Rentals Direct reserves the right to determine the final design layout of a holiday home advertisement on Holiday Rentals Direct, including the right to change text, layouts, or images. In addition, Holiday Rentals Direct reserves the right to change and edit text data put on the Owner’s online database.

8. Information accuracy
Holiday Rentals Direct retains the right to refuse any advertisement on any Holiday Rentals Direct website if the material does not match Holiday Rentals Directs basic requirements.

9. Rating System Vacation Rentals Direct has the right to adopt a rating system for Guests to evaluate the condition and quality of holiday homes and Owners. This appraisal would be completely free, and Holiday Rentals Direct cannot be held liable for any claims resulting from any Guest’s feedback, remarks, or suggestions.

10. Publicity
Holiday Rentals Direct maintains the right to place advertising or announcements relating to any type of content on its website, including advertising for other similar vacation rentals. Holiday Rentals Direct states that the use of this service is completely confidential, and that Owners waive all damages claims, as well as any other complaints or claims, pertaining to any advertisement on the website.

11. Several properties
On Holiday Rentals Direct, a holiday home refers to a single holiday unit, not numerous units, and should not be used as an example of holiday homes. In a vacation home, only one unit should be represented unless previous permission has been granted. Vacation Rentals Direct retains the right to make changes to any holiday homes that do not meet this policy’s requirements.

12. The end of a commercial
If Holiday Rentals Direct receives complaints from Guests about specific information on Holiday Rentals Direct that is misrepresenting a holiday home or its surroundings, or if Holiday Rentals Direct receives complaints about an Owner repeatedly, or the Owner has materially breached terms and conditions, or the Owner has behaved with misconduct or delivered inaccurate, fraudulent, outdated, or incomplete information during account registration, or has violated applicable laws and retain payment.

13. Make contact

Holiday Rentals Direct requires all Owners to be available to reply immediately to email inquiries and bookings in order to maintain a consistent high level of service. Owners who are absent for more than 24 hours may have their holiday property ads suspended by Holiday Rentals Direct.

14. Hypertext linkages
Links from a vacation home to any website or email address other than Holiday Rentals Direct are only acceptable if the Owner’s website, blog, or equivalent sends a link back to Holiday Rentals Direct. Holiday Rentals Direct retains the right to withdraw a holiday home without compensation if an Owner adds a link, email address, or company name without consent, re-adds a link, email address, or company name after removal, or removes reciprocated links from their advert on Holiday Rentals Direct.

Payment policy number seventeen.
Payments for online credit cards are processed through a third-party payment provider over a secure SSL connection. Payments in cash are not accepted.

15. Payments made via Holiday Rentals Direct are processed through a third-party secure certified payment provider; Holiday Rentals Direct does not record the full credit card number and is not responsible for any payment or money transfer problems or losses.

16. Advertisement’s refund policy
Rather than selling a real product, Holiday Rentals Direct offers an advertising service. There are no trial periods available, and Holiday Rentals Direct does not issue refunds or compensation for ads that have expired or are about to expire. Vacation Rentals Direct does not provide any refunds or compensation to the Owner in the event that the Owner suffers any losses related to any booking of the Owner’s holiday home, such as bookings, money, damages, or anything else.

17. Changes in price and terms and conditions
Holiday Rentals Direct retains the right to modify the rates and terms of services provided by Holiday Rentals Direct at any time. Price changes will take effect immediately, and owners will be notified via the website.

18. Documentation 
In most circumstances, Holiday Rentals Direct requests proof of ownership in the form of a title deed, utility bill, or other similar document. If Holiday Rentals Direct does not receive appropriate documentation, the Owner and the holiday house may be denied clearance, and an advertisement for the holiday home on Holiday Rentals Direct may be disallowed.

19. Vacation residences that are legal
In some areas of Spain, owners are required by law to obtain a license in order to legally rent out a vacation home. Holiday Rentals Direct can only accept and advertise a vacation rental in these areas if the owner provides a valid license number.

20. Additional Requirements
The owner of a holiday house can advertise it in a variety of ways on Holiday Rentals Direct. The Owner will be required to accept the conditions that apply to that specific advertising form while creating the advertisement.

Holiday Rentals Direct maintains the right to change the website, services, or these Terms, including the rental share, at any time and without notice. If Holiday Rentals Direct makes any changes to these terms and conditions, they will be published on Owners and Guests agree to be bound by the updated Terms by continuing to access or use the website or services after Holiday Rentals Direct has posted a revision.